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my name is cayetano garza jr.. almost everyone i know calls me "cat". i'm a graphic designer originally from harlingen, texas with a bachelor of fine arts degree in studio art and painting from the university of texas-pan american. i hate to use capital letters...

i've been making music, art, and comics for the last twenty five years of my life. if you google my name you'll probably find a lot of stuff about me concerning my involvement in webcomics. i started making webcomics back in 1996 as a way to avoid having to send out costly submission packets to comics publishers and have been posting comics on the web in some form or another ever since. i started magicinkwell.com in 1997 as a place to publish my work. when joey manley started modern tales, one of the first webcomics subscription sites, in March of 2002 i was fortunate enough to be asked to join. you can find some of my work there.

i'm most well known for my experiments in webcomics, especially infinite canvas comics. my current experimental obsession is in mixing webcomics with music, infinite canvas, and animation in my current magic inkwell comic those were the salad days. i'm featured in an upcoming documentary about comics called adventures into digital comics which should be released sometime later this year. here's my IMDb entry for my part in the film.

instead of going on and on about myself, i'll just link my wikipedia entry which has detailed information on my work in comics as well as a bibliography of publications i've been involved in.

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